serves 2

01 Ingredients

  • 4 fresh Violetto artichokes or other 

  • 2 garlic cloves crushed

  • 1 lemon halved

  • 75ml veg or chicken stock 

  • 60ml white wine

  • 120ml olive oil

  • 2tbs finely sliced mint  

  • 2tbs finely chopped parsley

  • 1tbs fine breadcrumbs 

  • 30g butter cube quartered 

  • Salt

  • Ground black pepper

02 Preparation

  1. Wash the artichokes with a vegetable scrubber

  2. Remove the harder outer leaves and trim off the small hard leaves on the underside

  3. Peel the hard outer layer of the stems with a potato peeler and cut the stems off at the base of the artichoke

  4. Slice off the top half of the artichokes and with a paring knife, remove the small pale pink spiky leaves in the core (the choke in this variety is small)

  5. Put them and the stems in a bowl of water with one half of the lemon juice 

  6. Whisk together half of the crushed garlic, the breadcrumbs, 60ml olive oil, and most of the mint and parsley, keeping a bit aside for garnishing.

  7. Stuff  this mixture into the artichoke core and between the artichoke leaves

  8. Gently heat a bit of the olive oil and the rest of the garlic in a small pot for a few minutes

  9. Place the artichokes in the pot cut side down with the stems

  10. Add the wine to the pot and simmer for a few minutes 

  11. Add the rest of the olive oil and the veg stock so that the juices are about 2.5cm deep

  12. Lower the heat and simmer for 40 min, occasionally checking the juices and scooping some over the artichokes

  13. Add the butter quarters, and with the lid open, let them melt while simmering for a few more minutes

03 Plating

Using a flattish bowl, place 2 of the artichokes in the middle of each bowl, and spoon the juices around them. Squeeze over a bit of fresh lemon, some ground black pepper and garnish with the remainder of the chopped parsley & mint.  Serve with a slice of warm sourdough bread to scoop up the delicious juices - Scarpetta - meaning ‘little shoe’ in Italian 

Cook’s Notes

Artichokes must be bought fresh. If they are past their sell by date, the leaves will be dry  and separating from the core. Stems can be served together with the artichokes, or delicious mashed and spread on some crackers